At The Teacher App, we feel it’s important that we simplify ways that you can support yourself and your students without it being a burden to do so. Being there for your students isn’t easy, and it can be tough to figure out the right thing to say. Today, we aim to support you with just that by providing an easy-to-read guide on how to approach situations where a student may be experiencing some intense emotions.

Our very own Riipen Intern, the wonderful Jessica Arruda recently attended an emotional coaching workshop inspired by clinical psychologist, Dr. Adele Lafrance, and her work on emotion-focused treatment. 

Check out the amazing emotional coaching guide based off of that very workshop! Download it for FREE. Save it onto your computer or phone so you have it handy with you or print it out for easy access throughout your day.

Here are some major takeaways:

Although you have an incredibly powerful role as a teacher, you are human and ultimately not a student’s parent or guardian. Being there for your students emotionally is not easy, and can be emotionally exhausting. Don’t forget to set your boundaries and put yourself first (practice self-care)! This can feel guilty and awkward at first, but your future self and your mental health will be so appreciative of it.