Matt Raekelboom went viral on Tiktok after sharing his knowledge of ADHD with the world. Now, with over 260,000 followers and counting, he has created a name for himself through his platform. As someone with ADHD, and struggling with it for much of his life, he decided to embark on a whole new journey to spread awareness and provide support for those with ADHD.

Today, as a founder and coach of Journey2ADHD, he has done all that and more! We are honored to invite Matt as our very first guest on the launch of our very first episode of “Tapp-IN” hosted by TAPP Founder, Amanda Tanner. In this episode, we discuss Matt’s personal mental health journey and how it’s impacted his rise to fame on social media. He shares ways teachers can support students with ADHD and some interesting facts that many may not know!

Find all of Matt on Instagram, Tiktok, and on his own website/platform where hundreds of other folks connect! You can also find more of him at his Linktree.

We have so much love for Matt and our gratitude for his time goes beyond words!

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