About Us

About Us

What exactly is TAPP?

TAPP is the first, digital, one-stop-hub for all community, mental health, and wellness needs curated for educators.

You’re always one “TAPP” away from connecting with other educators and mental health professionals, anonymously, and one search away from finding the resource you need.

Why does TAPP exist?

Because as an educator, navigating Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, Google, Betterhelp, and your school board’s services can be time-consuming and taxing, when you just want one place to find what you need.

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Our A+ Mission is to provide teachers with:


Accessible resources


Ample, empathetic communities


Affordable, professional intervention


Appropriate personalized support both inside and outside the classroom


And more...

Meet the team

The faces of the passionate folks behind The Teacher App. Our team is located all across North America – ready to connect teachers locally.

Alana (She/Her)

Director of Product Development

Amanda (She/Her)

Chief Executive Director

Jessica (She/Her)

Director of Operations

Our Reach

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