Student Opinion Piece: How Teachers Can Be A Queer Student’s Biggest Ally

By Gabrielle Samson, Featured Contributor The first adult I came out to was my grade 8 teacher. As a 13-year-old middle schooler, I knew my teacher was accepting of queer identities, and I was lucky to feel comfortable sharing something personal without fear of judgement. I didn’t have other accepting adults in my life at […]

A Written Poem To My Younger Self As A Student – by Panagiota Skoulikas

We are so excited to showcase another amazing feature this month: Panagiota Skoulikas who was recently apart of a Micro Project in Content Creation through McGill University where she was able to showcase her talent through poetry here at TAPP. Currently, she is majoring in Psychology and studying two minors in Behavioral Science and Sociology at […]

Poem on Mental Health and Post-Reading Activity to Facilitate with Students

Our featured writer, Janet Kravetz who is an author and mental health advocate, wrote another lovely piece she graciously shared with us! She also included a debriefing activity you can do with your students. Check it out below and get the downloadable version. Scroll to the bottom for commentary from the author about the poem. […]

Supporting Men’s Mental Health: A Guide for Educators

By Gabrielle Samson, featured writer At The Teacher App, a lot of advocacy work in the past has highlighted women’s mental health and looked at the history of gender roles in the education system. After digging up a patriarchal past, it became clear how misogyny still plays a role in our schools. With biases and […]

TikToker Matt Raekelboom on life with ADHD as a student

Matt Raekelboom went viral on Tiktok after sharing his knowledge of ADHD with the world. Now, with over 260,000 followers and counting, he has created a name for himself through his platform. As someone with ADHD, and struggling with it for much of his life, he decided to embark on a whole new journey to […]

Emotional Coaching Guide with Dr. Adele Lafrance

At The Teacher App, we feel it’s important that we simplify ways that you can support yourself and your students without it being a burden to do so. Being there for your students isn’t easy, and it can be tough to figure out the right thing to say. Today, we aim to support you with […]